I consider myself a self-made party girl...


I consider myself a self-made party girl. I’m single, I know everyone out on the scene and everyone knows me, I love meeting new people and getting together with friends to have a good time. A couple of weeks ago I met this guy at a friend of mines house and we had been hanging out, everything seemed to be going really, really good. Two days ago he calls me and says, “ I think we should take a step back, we hang out all the time” and of course I asked what was the matter, well he says, “ I hear you’re a real, party girl, everyone knows you… everywhere and I’m not sure how cool I am with that” and that was it, I have not heard from him since, my main question is, “What’s wrong with that?” Should I call him or what?



Men are funny creatures and whether or not you think you know them all there will always be an exception to the norm. There will also be many that you just can’t figure out. In reading your note a few things came to mind and as always I have to give you both sides of the coin.

On the heads up, this is a guy you met a couple of weeks ago, if you are still in the getting to know each other phase and he has discovered that you are not his type as far as you going out or being a social person, maybe he is just that kind of guy and therefore wouldn’t be that into you… Also he started by saying “he heard” not he knows for sure, or his experiences being out with you, do you really want to date someone who decides his relationships on heresay ? You have an option right now to say, Hell no, and keep on moving, you know and love who you are and he is not the one for you.

On the flip side, His comment was enough to make you reconsider how you run your own life. So ask yourself a few things, Are you happy?, Are you looking to date right now? Are you looking for love? Of course men want a woman who can handle herself in a social atmosphere and be fun and exciting but they also want a little something to themselves. I know a lot of men who have trouble truly sharing their women, even with family and friends. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “A lady in the streets, a chef in the kitchen, Mary Poppins to the children and a porn star in the bedroom.” Well, as overwhelming as that phrase may seem, its true.

Your question truly has nothing to do with him, only with you. His rejection hit a soft spot with you and maybe its you that really were starting to re-evaluate your lifestyle already, and if not, find a man who enjoys socializing as much as you and start from that common ground, but remember… Keep a little of him to yourself…

Hope this help, and in the mean time, Have a BLAST. You will not get back any of the time you spent worrying about what other people think!


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