Kedra Gant

Recently I have been thinking about the things that I am, and the things that I have been.

How have I used my experiences to help others? Through empathy, guidance, trust and compassion. The road to self discovery can be a lonely one. It may even be a scary one...

I am a mother, a wedding officiant, a parent of a cancer survivor, a woman of color in tech, and Army veteran, a partner,a writer, a singer,  a sister a daughter...

I have been a fitness trainer, a football players wife, a stay at home mother, a child that had to grow up too soon in some rough circumstances, and many other things that I can not count...

You name it, most likely I have done it, and either I have done it really well, or I have failed at it so badly that you could learn from my mistakes.

So go ahead, pick a topic... Ask me anything.

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